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MARBLE HOMES CO. is a Saudi Arabia based company; the headquarters are located in Jeddah and consist of more

than 50,000 Sq.M of factory and offices. This facility employs 100 technical, administrative and production personnel in

addition to sub-contractors internationally. The departments include Marketing & Sales, Import & Export, International

projects, Factory management, Architectural department, Production & packaging and Financial department.

Services: Take Off

Shop Drawings Shop Tickets

Installation Plans

Project Support Services

3D stone visualization for Building Information modeling

(BIM) & Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

Design- Assist Preconstruction service.

The corporate office and factories of the company are located in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Secondary manufacturing facilities are located in various part of the world namely Jordan, Riyadh, Syria, China & Egypt. The company also operates through its overseas agent.


MARBLE HOMES CO. supplies high standard natural stone for commercial and residential projects worldwide. MARBLE HOMES CO.

offers extensive experience in supplying projects with stone sculpturing capabilities, large scale works and special adaptations as required.

The wholesale and distribution departments are located at the head office in Saudi Arabia.

MARBLE HOMES CO. provides one-stop shopping service and offers its customers everything from planning, through fabrication,

supply and project installation (Saudi Arabia Only). The company professional staff includes architects, project managers,

stone specialists and stone consultants.

MARBLE HOMES CO. maintains an In-House Architectural Department in order to service its overseas clients. All shop drawings

and shop tickets are prepared in-house in coordination with production, in order to achieve maximum efficiency to meet the projects requirements. An interactive process of shop drawings preparation takes place between the projects architect and MARBLE HOMES CO. architects, using industry-standard graphic software. By having its architectural department in-house, MARBLE HOMES CO. maintains the highest degree of flexibility and response time to meet the customers demands and needs.


MARBLE HOMES CO. main factory is located at the Jeddah & Riyadh of Saudi Arabia, in Industrial Zone

The new factory is fully equipped and has the capacity to manufacture a large range of products such as: Antique flooring, clad

ding for interior and exterior use as well as furniture, sinks, stairs, moldings and other decorative items.

Our quarried and manufactured stone from Saudi Arabia comes from 15 quarries each with its own special color, charm and character. Our finishes are recognized internationally and there are well over 50 types to choose from.Our quarried and manufactured stone from Saudi Arabia comes from 15 quarries each with its own special color, charm and character. Our finishes are recognized internationally and there are well over 50 types to choose from.
We guarantee  strict  quality  control over:
• Raw material supply.• Finished products (both mass production and cut -to-size).• Professional packaging (including bulk packaging) and on-time delivery.
To meet your needs, we are prepared to adapt our machines to both  American and European standards.Our technologies preserve the tradition of thousands  of years of hand-made finishes and are made to fit modern designs.
Always attentive to our clients, we are continuously improving. We make it our policy to inspire trust and reliability, based on our years of experience.
We are always available for any question  at any time.

MARBLE HOMES CO. operates natural stone factories in different countries to be able to provide its clients with the largest pos

sible variety of natural stone and finishes. The different factories allow the Company to offer a wide range of products while retaining its very fast delivery time.

MARBLE HOMES CO. secondary factories are located in Jordan, Syria, China, Pakistan & Egypt.

MARBLE HOMES CO. supplies Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx and additional natural stones from different factories according to project needs.

At all times quality control teams are assigned to all production lines to maintain the highest quality of stone production standards.

Our QC teams include engineers and operation managers who supervise all production lines around the world.

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